Gamifying Your Job and Making it FUN!

Work is not something we generally get excited about; not many people scream with excitement when it’s time to clock in. On the other hand playing outside of work such as with video games gets the general public pretty excited. 

According to HBR Blog Network“69% of the heads of households in the U.S. play computer and video games and 97% of young people – your emerging talent pool – play them.” So what does this tell us? Quite simply, that the general working public receives the most pleasure from gaming.

The Same Old, Same Old

We have all experienced this in our work life-going to work every day preforming the same exact tasks every day clocking out and going home. There is hardly ever any excitement or pleasure that is derived from our 9-5 jobs. More to the point we receive no recognition or achievement for what we accomplish during our workday-so there is absolutely no motivation.

Unfortunately, for many organizations this is an easy place to go and stay stuck in forever, most CEO’s and executives of companies have no idea that there are other possibilities out there for increasing employee engagement and creating more productivity through what we know as gamification.

Gamification Provides a Solution

Every once in a while the average employee will experience a crisis at work such as a huge customer order that must be filled immediately, a problem with a consumer that needs to be fixed right away, etc. When this happens you can see the sudden change in the attitude of the employee; suddenly that employee is excited and motivated and the work is completed in time and efficiently.  This stems from a sort of adrenaline high that the employee experiences knowing that they must immediately tend to the issue or risk losing their job.

So how do we convert that sense of motivation and excitement into an employee’s everyday working life? Simply by using and implementing gamification in to the workplace.

Here are the common elements between the above situations-that created the motivation- and gamification techniques that can be applied to the workplace:

  • Focused and Urgent Goals are set
  • Strict Project Deadlines
  • Creating Independent Teams that are permitted to experiment
  • Increased Productivity and Positive Outcomes are Rewarded

Using game-like characteristics and instilling a nature of excitement in the workplace has been proven to increase productivity and the over-all atmosphere of the workplace.

Here’s how to use gamification to make your job fun!

  • Set long-term goals
  • Cut out smaller short-term goals that need to be done quickly, from the original long-term goals.
  • Assign a team to the shorter term goals and have them create a “plan of attack” for each goal.
  • The plan should be created with specifics; how it will be done, the exact time it will be done in, etc.
  • The teams should be asked to experiment and fun should be encouraged the whole way through.  
  • The team should be rewarded for their effort once the goal is accomplished.

If you would like to test the idea of totally changing your work environment and implementing a completely new system, such as game mechanics, you can certainly do that. Start with one goal that needs to be achieved in a few weeks, assign a team to it and use the gamification ideas listed above to get it done. It’s simple and easy to implement no matter what your current system is.

Any job, no matter how boring, can be reformed to include game mechanics or gaming attributes.

KateGamifying Your Job and Making it FUN!