User Engagement SuperHeros

We don't create websites or mobile apps we engage users!

"Most concise presentation of persuasion and user engagement to motivate people...Just fantastic..You really make it accessible for people to implement to get results..."

− David Frees iii

"My business increased 20% because of my consultations with Ben...Ben is a marketing genius, who can truly help you build a business..."

− Mark Podolsky

"I'm all about having the competitive advantage in whatever I do. Ben has provided me the tools to absolutely crush it! I can't endorse him enough. He's the real deal!"

− Dr. Ron Eccles -

"opened my eyes to a completely new way of engaging the audience, and developing longer lasting relationships with my site visitors. Ben was clear, and easy to understand, as well as patient with my initial confusion in understanding this new process, gamification, that is going to be so important in the future."

− Gloria Taylor Brown, Taylor Brown Books - Certified Literary Agents and Strategic Marketing Experts for Authors and Speakers,

"Within 20 minutes you helped me get to the core of what my goals definitely added encouragement, excitement and enthusiasm..."

− Angelique Neumann

"Ben assess’ s our products and gives us ideas on how to improve engagement, retention and monetization that really creates momentum for our business..."

− Jordan Belfort, Wolf of Wall Street, Straight Line Sales System

What We Do:

We make techology fun and easy!

We design techology solutions that make your life easier and help you increase your conversions.

We leverage the latest in mobile designs, technology platforms, user psychology and gamification to create a complete user experience.

We Create Apps…We Create Websites…We Create Software

We Design Engagement

 We Make You Look And Feel Like A SuperHero

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